Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

The Walk-a-thon is being held on Friday!  Please support our students.

Morning Announcements - Friday, May 19, 2017, Grades 5-8


Morning Announcements – Friday, May 19, 2017


ROBOTICS TEAM MEET TOMORROW AT EEMS – We wish all members of Robotics Team 1 all the best as they compete tomorrow at EEMS in a Robotics Track Meet with students from all over this area.


SCHEDULING MEETING TODAY – This is a reminder that the teachers helping with next year’s schedule are to meet in the conference room during today’s PLC.


WALK-A-THON IS TODAY – The 30th Annual Walk-A-Thon is set for today at noon. Before you head up, please make sure you have a piece of the wide masking tape on your shirt so each lap you cover can be marked on it. Also, please mark your water bottle with your name on it and bring the water bottle up to the track. When you get to the track, you will find a section of the bleachers marked with your homeroom’s name on it. Put your bottle on the edge of the bleachers in that section. Make sure you put your bottle in one of the collection bags when the walk-a-thon is over.


The walk-a-thon will start at the finish line, which is up by the snack shack, so after you put your bottle on the edge of the bleachers, keep walking forward until you get to the finish line.


Once the walk-a-thon is over and you are back in class, please figure out how many total laps your class covered and then email the total to Mr. Newett so we can figure out how many miles were covered.


Please remember to bring in your pledges and raffle ticket sheets on Monday. Remember you get one raffle ticket for every five dollars you turn in.


TRACK PRACTICE TODAY – Track practice today is from 1-2PM for all students who are competing in Monday’s Almquist Invitational Meet. The reason you are practicing early is because EHS has a home meet today. This means that once the walk-a-thon is over, you will simply stay at the track. If you are one of the students practicing today, you need to call your parents to let them know that practice will end at 2PM. Those students are:


All 8th grade track team members, Chase Hardwick, Carter Garrity, Carter Colson, Elek Houlsen, Aaron Lynch, Logan McGowan, Michael York, Isaac Rowell, Paige Sawyer, Savannah Hasham, Rayne Tousignant, Emma Kidder, Abrianna Griffiths, Jordan Berry, Logan Williams, Kristy Barry, Amy Lupo, and Julianna Lee.


For those track athletes not participating in the Invitational Meet, thank you for the tremendous effort you gave this spring. Your coaches were thrilled with your perseverance and sportsmanship.


Please wash and dry your uniforms and return them to Coach Dyer.


The date and time for the sports awards night will be announced.


BALL GAMES ON MONDAY – Just a reminder that varsity teams are home on Monday and JVs are away at Doughty.


SCHOOL PLAY IS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY – “Olympiaganza” is the name of our spring play and the curtain will open next Thursday and Friday nights at 6PM. Middle school students will see the show next Friday morning. It ties in very well with grade seven’s current study of Greek and Roman mythology.