Welcome to the Ellsworth Elementary Middle School Grades 1-4 registration page! On this page you will find all the forms needed to register your child for school. The forms can be downloaded and completed on your computer to be printed, or the forms can be printed and completed by hand. Once the forms are completed please call the school office at 667-6241 to make an appointment to register your child.

The Student Registration Form lists the Required Proof of Residency that needs to be provided on the date that your child is registered.

Please make sure to bring an original or certified copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.

Student Registration Form: https://bit.ly/37DPNjz

Medical History Questionnaire:https://bit.ly/2uZmCdA

Field Trip Form:https://bit.ly/2vJMF8L

Sunscreen Form:https://bit.ly/2SWNC5j

Internet/Newspaper/Television Form:https://bit.ly/3291lu5

Language Use Survey (English): https://bit.ly/2P8jqTY

Language Use Survey (Spanish):https://bit.ly/2uQyL4F

Maine Migrant Education Program for the 2020-2021 School Year:https://bit.ly/2T2ZrqC

Parent Authorization for Release of School Records Form:https://bit.ly/3ffdcwv

Free & Reduced Lunch Form for the 2020-2021 School Year:https://bit.ly/38Nxiux