Dear Parents and Community Members,

Another school year is about to start. We may go from hot and humid, to orange, red and gold, on to white and frosty, and then to green and new-again. One thing we know for sure; this will be a year of growing and learning for your child at the Ellsworth Elementary Middle School. That is what we are all about.

When home and school work together, with support from the community, there can be learning of epic proportions. We hope that this Handbook will be a resource for information that may be helpful as your child progresses through this year.

It is our goal to make sure that every child in our school feels a sense of belonging and knows that they are valued. Highly qualified teachers and extremely capable support staff throughout the building and buses serve as models for our six words—Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. We know you are working hard at home to promote these same values and we want to support your efforts.

In order to know your child’s present learning status and what programming is needed to promote optimal growth, we have assessments that will help to inform instruction. We keep you informed about assessments coming up and we need your help to make sure your child shows us their best—not just on “test” day, but every day. We monitor growth and progress so that we can pay attention to the needs of each child. They are children, and children learn and grow at different rates with sometimes different needs. We have an incredible team of professionals who structure each day and each lesson so that children are learning.

In order for your children to make the best use of our resources, they need to be here every day that they are healthy and able to be here. There is no substitute for participation in the daily lessons and experiences –and we can’t send THAT home. Please help us by making sure your child is here whenever possible.

We are looking forward to this new beginning, once again, as the 2019-2020 school year starts. We want you, as parents and community members, to feel that same sense of belonging that we think is so important for the children. If you have positive feedback, questions, or concerns, please connect with us via phone, letter, or email. We all have the best interests of your children at heart, and we know that working together with you, and sharing the joy of their childhood makes everyone’s efforts more productive and successful.

Thank you for sending us your best kids—we will take good care of them.

With Smiles,

Cathy Lewis, K-4 Principal