Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Supply List for 2013-14

It would be greatly appreciated if students could purchase the supplies needed for the coming school year. The list is posted below. Thanks, and we'll see you soon.

Supply List for 2013-14

Grade 5 – All students
Pencil bag with zipper (not box)
Blue or black pens (not red)
Thin Markers
Pencil bag with zipper (not box)
Colored pencils
Cap Erasers
Pair of inexpensive headphones
to be left at school for Compass Lrn.
Hand held pencil sharpener

Grade 5 – Carter/Lock homeroom
1 single subject notebook
3 Folders

Grade 6
Pencil bag with zipper
At least 15 dividers with tabs
2-Two pocket folder
Inexpensive headphones for
laptop to stay at school.
Math – 1.5” black binder - rings
Language arts
- Mrs. Anderson/Mrs. Morse (Sirois)
2” red binder – 3 rings
One 3-subject spiral notebook
- Mr. Stackpole
1.5” red binder
One 1- subject spiral notebook
- Miss Pelletier
1.5” red binder
Science – 2” white binder – 3 rings
Social studies – 1.5” blue binder –3 rings
Blue and black pens 24 colored pencils
Hand-held pencil sharpener

Grade 7
Colored pencils
6 folders with pockets that have a three hole binder spine
Inexpensive headphones for laptop
Compass and protractor for home use
Students who had Ms. Sirois for math in grade 6 will need a Texas Instrument
TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator ($17)
Basic calculator for all other students
3 hole punched white lined paper
Pencil pouch with zipper instead of a pencil box
Glue sticks
2-inch, three-ring binder for science
Pens and pencils

Grade 8
Black markers
Colored pencils
Colored markers
White lined paper
Protractor and Compass (for Geometry only)
Scientific calculator (not expensive)
Inexpensive headphones for laptop
Two packages of lined note cards
9x13" Manilla envelope with clasp
One 3-inch, 3 ring binder
2 pieces of poster board
Blue or black pens