Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Morning Announcements - Friday, April 7, 2017, Grades 5-8

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS – Grades 5-8, Friday, April 7, 2017


RECESS ON THE PAVEMENT – Our field is soaking wet and very soft. Please stay on the hot top today at recess.


ACTIVITY NIGHT IS THIS FRIDAY, TODAY! – Tonight’s Activity Night is from 4-6PM for grade 5 with a $3 entry fee. Grades 6-8 have theirs from 6:30-9PM with a $5 entry fee. Students from other towns in grades 6-8 may attend.


NATIONAL HISTORY DAY CONTEST - The National History Day Contest is happening on Saturday at the University of Maine.  Please wish the following students good luck with their presentations:


Ellie Anderson, Elizabeth Ford, Kahlan Keene, Leah MacPherson, Luke Perry, Talia Robbins and Tanner Seura, 


GRYFFINDOR HOUSE REWARD – The 8th grade Gryffindor house members will have their reward in the gym this coming Monday during RTI. The 7th grade Gryffindor house members will have their reward this coming Tuesday during RTI. We’ll be having a fun game for the reward.


NO GARDEN/COOKING CLUB TODAY – Ms. Pezzullo will be at a training today, which means there is no Garden/Cooking Club today.


LOST AND FOUND COAT – A student accidently left a Carhartt coat in lost and found on Wednesday, April 5.  If anyone accidently has it would they please return it to the office.


SPRING SPORTS PARENT NIGHT – The spring sports parent meeting is this coming Monday, April 10 @ 6 p.m. in the middle school gym.


BOOK FAIR IS NEXT WEEK – The spring book fair is this coming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


NEW DATE FOR GRADUATION AND 8TH GRADE CLASS TRIP – 8th grade graduation has been moved to Thursday, June 15 to be followed by the class trip to New Hampshire on Friday, June 16. June 16 was the only Friday we could get Cyr buses, and we want to go on Friday because that is the one day that Canobie Lake Park has later operating hours.



Monday (4/10)

3-4:15 JV/V SB together

4:15-5:45 JV/V BB together

6-7 Spring Sport Parent Night


Tuesday (4/11)

3-4:30 JVSB

4:30-6 VSB

6-7:30 VBB


Wednesday (4/12)

3-4 JVSB

4-5 VSB

5-6 JVBB

6-7 VBB


Thursday (4/13)

3-4:30 VSB

4:30-6 JVSB

6-7:30 VBB