Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Morning Announcements - Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Grades 5-8

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS – Grades 5-8, Tuesday, April 11, 2017


RECESS ON THE FIELD IS OKAY – The field has dried nicely so you may go on it for recess. Please stay off of the infield because that area is still muddy.


MARCH FALCON PRIDE CARD TOTALS – March was a huge month for Falcon Pride Cards. 1976 cards were given out, which is the highest total for March we’ve ever had. Grade 5 accounted for just over 1000 of the total cards. Wow! Grade 8 averaged 21 per day, which is their highest average ever. Nice going, everyone!


BOOK FAIR IS TODAY, TOMORROW, AND THURSDAY – The spring book fair is today, tomorrow, and Thursday.


SPEECH CONTEST FINALS FOR GRADE 7 IS TODAY – All grade 7 students have taken part in the homeroom round of the Modern Woodmen Speech Contest. The finalists compete tomorrow evening at 6PM in the cafeteria.


SPRING PLAY AUDITIONS TODAY AND TOMORROW – Spring play auditions are today and tomorrow after school from 3-5PM.


VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS SCHOLARSHIPS - Our VPA Boosters group is offering a scholarship for lessons and summer camps in the visual and performing arts.  Applications are available from your music and art teachers.  Applications must be completed and turned in to Mrs. Ramey by April 30.


PTF MEETING IS TODAY – The next PTF meeting is today at 4PM in the library.


GRADE 8 PARENT MEETING IS TODAY– Parents of 8th graders who would like to help with planning end of year events are welcome to attend today’s parent meeting at 5:30 PM in the library.


MICROSCOPE FESTIVAL – This Thursday, Jackson Lab personnel will conduct a Microscope Festival in grade 6. All 6th grade students will participate. Many thanks to Kathleen Morse for setting it up.


NEW DATE FOR GRADUATION AND 8TH GRADE CLASS TRIP – 8th grade graduation has been moved to Thursday, June 15 to be followed by the class trip to New Hampshire on Friday, June 16. June 16 was the only Friday we could get Cyr buses, and we want to go on Friday because that is the one day that Canobie Lake Park has later operating hours.


THIS FRIDAY IS “ELLSWORTH PRIDE” SPIRIT DAY – This Friday is the day to wear all things Ellsworth. It can be EEMS spiritwear, Little League shirts, EHS shirts, or anything else having to do with Ellsworth. If you have an Ellsworth hat, feel free to wear it.



Monday (4/10)

3-4:15 JV/V SB together

4:15-5:45 JV/V BB together

6-7 Spring Sport Parent Night


Tuesday (4/11)

3-4:30 JVSB

4:30-6 VSB

6-7:30 VBB


Wednesday (4/12)

3-4 JVSB

4-5 VSB

5-6 JVBB

6-7 VBB


Thursday (4/13)

3-4:30 VSB

4:30-6 JVSB

6-7:30 VBB