Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Morning Announcements - Friday, September 15, 2017, Grades 5-8

Morning Announcements – Friday, September 15, 2017
1. Fundraiser Begins Today – We have an assembly at 11:10 today in the gym to kick off our annual fundraiser. It’s grade 7’s turn to sit on the floor.
2. Parent Volunteer Training Tomorrow - Saturday – The first Parent Volunteer Training is tomorrow at 9AM in the EEMS cafeteria. If you are a parent who wants to help out in your child’s classroom or go on field trips, please consider attending this session or one of the evening sessions that will take place in October and November (dates to be announced).
3. Parent Meeting for Drama Club on Monday – Following the auditions on Monday, which run from 3-4:30, parents of Drama Club members are to meet with Director Jasmine Ireland to review expectations. The meeting should go from 4:30-5 in the cafeteria.
4. Parent Instrument Rental Night Next Tuesday - Parents of 5th graders who want to learn more about renting or purchasing an instrument for their child should attend the Instrument Rental Night set for next Tuesday at 6:30PM in the cafeteria.
5. Welcome Back PTF Picnic Wednesday – The annual Welcome Back Picnic is next Wednesday from 5-6:30PM. This is a potluck event and families each grade are responsible for different items.
6. Activity Night Next Friday – 4-6PM for grade 5 for $3. 6:30-9 for grades 6-8 for $5. Grade 7 is sponsoring the event. Funds will pay for the tent they use for the Medieval Faire in June.
7. Cross-Country Meet Report – from Coach Dyer
Congratulations to all the cross-country runners you all did an amazing job. We had a clean sweep for our boys and placed 1st. Fifth place Andy Young. Fourth Alex Dewitt. Third Aaron Lynch. Second Matt Cormier. First place Logan McGowan with a time of 11:15. Nice job to the boys’ team!!
Our girls also defeated four other teams to place 1st .
Caroline Mazgaj won the blue ribbon with a time of 12:12. The other top ten finishers were Logan Williams in 4th, Addison Atherton in 5th, Leah MacPherson in 7th and Morgan Clifford in 10th. Also, it was a neck and neck finish for Adrianna Richardson, Elise Sargent, Maren Bishoff, and Hannah McBriarty-Frye. Nice job ladies!
I also want to thank all the staff and parents that helped out this week I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
Have a great weekend!