Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Morning Announcements, Grades 5-8 - Friday , November 6, 2017

Morning Announcements, Grades 5-8, Monday, November 6, 2017


  1. 8th graders, you have another ballot to complete first thing this morning. Instead of two final choices for trips, there are three since the first vote was so close. Once the trip is decided, you’ll have another vote to prioritize additional expenditures.


  1. Drama Club members are to be dismissed on the 2:35 bell so they can start rehearsal as soon as possible. The curtain opens for “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars” this Thursday morning at 8AM for the school performance. The evening performance is at 6PM on Thursday. The entry fee is $5.


  1. The next parent volunteer training session is this Wednesday at 6PM in the library. It takes about a half an hour and you’ll then be set to go on field trips, attend field days, help out in the classroom, etc.


  1. The stars honoring veterans are now appearing on the glass wall in the cafeteria. Please keep them coming.


  1. The boxes in the main lobby are filling up with food for the Hands Across Ellsworth food drive to benefit the Emmaus Center. If you haven’t yet brought in a food item, please do so if you can.


  1. Tryouts today are at 3PM for girls’ basketball and at 4:30PM for boys’ basketball. Boys’ basketball players should report to the Health Room in order to wait for tryouts. Those that do not wait in the health room are to leave the building and not reenter the building until 4:20 PM. There’s no hanging out in the halls from 2:40-4:20.


Tomorrow, boys have the 3-4:30 tryout time slot and girls have the 4:30-6 tryout slot.


  1. Cheering athletes are to meet today and tomorrow in the grade 7 wing in room 208 at 3PM in order to learn the routine for Wednesday’s tryouts.


  1. Try out candidates for basketball and cheering must already have a permission form on file or bring the one they received on Friday to today’s tryouts.


  1. Each day this week you will hear a different announcement about “Civility at Lunch”, which is all about cafeteria expectations and the guidelines we are implementing to help you meet these expectations. Here’s today’s announcement:


Regarding FOOD:

  1. Touch only your own food.
  2. Do not “prank” people by hiding their lunch items
  3. There is no sharing of food-per the school nurse. Whatever is brought from home is to be eaten only by the person who brings it.
  4. Hot lunch people ~ if you are not going to eat something that you are required to take, place it on the “share” table.
  5. Do not squish, flip, or throw milk cartons, yogurt containers, or any food items.
  6. Finish your food and drink before leaving the cafeteria.