Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Morning Announcements, Grades 5-8 - Monday, December 11, 2017

Morning Announcements – Monday, December 11, 2017, Grades 5-8

1. Many thanks to the PTF parents who hosted Friday’s Movie Night. It was enjoyed by many families.

2. Now that we have snow, please leave it on the ground at recess. Throwing snowballs, kicking snow at others, and other mischief with snow will result in detentions. Those who wear snowsuits can slide on the hill when there is enough snow and play in the field. Those not in snowsuits are to stay on the pavement. Please bring in a plastic sled, saucer, or tube to slide down the hill. Please have your name on it.

3. Students who have chocolate products at lunch are reminded to eat at one of the peanut tables. Chocolate products are often made in factories that process nut products. This will provide another layer of safety for those with allergies to nuts.

4. 8th grade is conducting a raffle to help generate money for their end of year class trip and dance. The American Girl Doll named Gabriella, which is this year’s “Girl of the Year,” is one of the prizes in the raffle. The other prize is a Boarse Chariot Remote Control Car (2.4 ghz, 4x4). Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.

5. The following students are signed up for their Talent Show audition today:

Jaiden Hicks
Tate Schaffner-Whary
Hannah Farnsworth
Vivianne Walczak
Orion W and Kobe S.

We will meet in the health room after these announcements. Reps who would like to help in the selection process for the talent show should also come to the health room.

Students signed up for the auditions tomorrow are:
Kris Foskett
Scott King
Elura Dorr
Jaiden Hicks
Anna-Sophia Rivero

The audition schedule is posted in the same location where you signed up for auditions, so please check there to confirm which day your audition is.

6. We wish 5M and 5J a great trip today to Portland to take part in a research project at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Students from those homerooms will return to school at 6:30PM. 5S and 5V go this Thursday.

7. There’s a PTF meeting tomorrow at 3PM in the library.

8. Our first home Chess Meet is tomorrow from 3-5PM in the cafeteria.

9. Our first trimester Gold Wing Award assembly is this Friday at 1PM.

10. If you have an ugly sweater, Friday is the day to wear it. It’s National Ugly Sweater Day and it’ll be fun to see what staff and student will be wearing.

11. Grade 5 will be going to The Grand on Friday to see, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

12. Belated birthday wishes for students who had birthdays last week go out to Leah Ryan, Robert Springer, Aiden Kidder, Caroline Mazgaj, Alex DeWitt, and Michael York. Birthday wishes for this week go out to Damon Hartley, Jasmine Blaszak, and Layla Pickering. Happy Birthday to all of you!

13. Show choir auditions will be held on the EEMS stage next Monday, 12/18, and Wednesday, 12/20, from 3 - 4:30. Students may attend either or both days. Please be prepared with 32 bars of a musical theater ballad. Students MUST provide sheet music; accompaniment will be provided. We will not accept a cappella or karaoke versions of music. Please also wear comfortable clothing and footwear in order to complete the dance portion of the audition. This year we will be performing selections from Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame." Rehearsals will typically take place Monday through Thursday after school, and we will compete at the regional jazz festival in April. Please email jireland@ellsworthschools.org with any questions. See you there!

If you need help in getting the 32 bars of sheet music for the audition, please speak with Mr. Newett. He will help get you in contact with a person who has that music.

14. Athletics’ Schedule

Monday, December 11
JV Girls – 3-4:30 MS gym
V Girls – 4:30-6 MS gym
JV Boys – 3-4:30 EL gym
V Boys – 4:30-6 EL gym

Tuesday, December 12
Girls at Bucksport – JV first
Boys home vs. Bucksport – JV first

Wednesday, December 13
Varsity Only Home vs Old Town – Girls first

Thursday, December 14
No Varsity girls practice
JV Girls- 3-4:30 in EL gym
JV boys 5-6:30 MS gym
V boys 3:30-5 MS gym

Friday, December 15
V Girls – 4-5:30 MS gym