Ellsworth Elementary Middle School

Morning Announcements - Friday, June 15, 2018, Grades 5-8

Morning Announcements – Friday, June 14, 2018, Grades 5-8
1. Yesterday’s grade 7 Medieval Faire was awesome! Thank you to the 7th grade students for all of your work in preparing your food, crafts, and games and for interacting with the students and public so well. Thanks, also to the teachers and staff for making the whole thing possible. It’s a huge undertaking, and it’s certainly a huge highlight of the year.
2. Thank you for returning all library books as soon as possible. Please check desks, classroom shelves, lockers...everywhere!
3. We wish grade 8 well today on your class trip to Canobie Lake Park. Have fun!
4. Morning PE classes are reminded to meet in the fitness room due to today’s field day. Please don’t go through the gym. Have a great field day, grade 5!
5. The last day of school next Wednesday is at 11:40AM, which is 20 minutes earlier than previously announced.
6. Grades 5, 6, and 7 will all have their class trips on Tuesday of next week. That looks to be the best day for weather.
7. Here’s 8th grade information for the trip, dance, and “Final Assembly.”
CLASS TRIP – Friday, 6/15/18 - 8am departure - 10pm return.
• Please have your child wear his/her new 2018 EMS maroon T-shirt.
• Chartered Cyr buses will take us to and from Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire. We will have some snacks and water for the long bus ride, but your child is encouraged to bring snacks and a lunch since we won’t arrive until after noon.
• Entry into the park is free, but students may want money for arcade games and meals.
• There is a log flume ride that is guaranteed to get the students wet, so your child should bring a change of clothes if they plan to do that ride.
• It’s going to be a nice day, so bringing sunscreen would also be good to have.
8TH GRADE DANCE and SLIDESHOW - Monday, 6/18/18 - 6:30-9pm.
Slideshow is from 9-9:30PM.
• The dance is free, and desserts and drinks will be provided. Students should eat dinner before they arrive.
• Attire: “Look nice” is a good way to describe the expected attire. For girls, wearing a dress or a nice shirt and pants/shorts would be great. For guys, a polo shirt and shorts or pants is fine. A shirt and tie is fine, too. We are not looking for formal attire at all. Save that for high school, please.
• Parents are welcome to come see the slide show at 9PM in the gym.
• Decorating for this will take place this Sunday at 11AM and on Monday at 1PM
“Final Assembly” - Tuesday 6/19/18, at 6pm in the gym
• Seating is first come, first served. No tickets are needed. You will see some reserved seating for staff members and school officials.
• Attire for students is the same as listed above for the dance.
• Arrival for students is at 5:30PM. They should report to homerooms.
• The assembly will last about 75 minutes.
• There is no school for the 8th graders on Wednesday.