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Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Mrs. Kathleen Morse and I am a science, social studies, and accelerated math teacher this year at the Ellsworth Middle School. I grew up in Ellsworth and graduated from Ellsworth High School in 2001. I received my Bachelor's Degree from Saint Joseph's College of Maine, in Standish, in the Elementary Education Honors Program in 2005.

Sixth grade is the beginning of middle school for your child. Like other years, your child will have work to complete at home. Homework is valuable practice, review, and application of concepts that we learn in class. Sometimes this includes independent reading, writing, answering questions, or doing math calculations. The work can be challenging, but with your support and with the support we offer at school, I know your child will have a great year and be very successful in sixth grade.

Two of the most important aspects of doing homework well are having a designated quiet place and a specific time for doing homework. Maybe your child works best right after school or maybe your child needs to snack and relax before buckling down. However you organize homework time, it should be as consistent as possible – a “no excuses” time for your child to work. You can encourage and reassure your child that his/her best is expected and accepted.

Students at this age are beginning to learn more responsibility and gain more confidence in working independently. To encourage these traits, our school purchased new assignment books for all students. Students will be responsible for writing down every homework assignment each day. For the first few months of school, you can help make this organization skill a habit by checking his/her homework and organizers for completion and neatness. You may also challenge your child to explain his/her homework and learning to you. Also, your child’s science and social studies binders will be organized into sections using tabs. I will expect students to keep their binder organized and will help them throughout the year when needed. Students should know that I am available during study halls and after school to help them with both organization and homework.

My mission, as an educator, is to teach your child skills for learning and for life. Through a fair and reasonable system of expectations, I will strive to help your child succeed. In daily interactions with your child, I will do my best to build a relationship of trust and respect. Throughout the year I will be available if your child needs more support or more challenge. Please feel free to contact me at school (667-6241) or through email (kmorse@ellsworthschools.org) at any time.


Kathleen Morse